How to simply ignore spam that asks delivery receipt or read receipt
Posted by admin on September 22 2008 05:24:27
I've been receiving a new kind of spam lately that asks for return receipt (delivery receipt or read receipt). This is a normal message just like any other that also contains a header in its source Return-Receipt-To: some-email-here.

Anyway, if you do sent a receipt or if you click by accident on "Yes" button which opens in a dialog box automatically - not only you will send a receipt but you will also notify a spammer that this mailbox is being read so he/she can send even more spam. Do not give them this info.

The solution is simple: Go to main menu Tools / Options and when the Options window opens select a Receipts tab. There is an option called Returning Read Receipts which by default is set to Notify me for each read receipt request. This value causes Outlook Express or Windows Mail to pop up the Yes/No box.

Simply change this option to Never send a read receipt and you're done. No more confirmation boxes.

The problem may arise if you actually need this, but honestly it's not worth the trouble and disabling this is probably much better anyway.