Outlook Express Tips

Use Outlook Express quickly and securely.

These free power tips that will tell you how to:

  • Avoid viruses
  • Avoid spam email
  • Use email more effectively
  • Browse newsgroups faster and easier
  • Find free MP3, videos, pictures, software and e-books on newsgroups using Outlook Express
Selected Articles
Usenet newsgroups hierarchy
By understanding how the hierarchies are structured you can significantly speed up a search of the topic of your interest.

How to completely clean up wasted space in Outlook Express mail folders?
Did you know that Outlook Express stores your mails even after you delete them (even if they are gone from the Deleted Items folder)?

Protecting against viruses when using Outlook Express
Following text will significantly improve your knowledge about viruses you can get using e-mail and also will let you know how to protect yourself against them.

PAR and PAR2 file formats on the Usenet
PAR and PAR2 files can be used to reconstruct missing parts of the Usenet posting. If used correctly, they can be very handy.

Little-Known Anti-Spam Tips
Spammers use some sneaky and dirty techniques to validate your email address. Do you need spam blocker or spam filter software or is there another way you can protect yourself against these tricks?

Latest Articles
Sort emails by subject, sender, date in your Gmail account
Tired of waiting for Google team to implement sorting feature even though it has been requested countless times all over the web? There is a workaround!

How to make Windows Live Mail look and feel like Outlook Express
If you switched from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail you may have used a set of features you liked but just don\'t seem to be there anymore. While Windows Live Mail does bring improvements in some areas, some other \"improvements\" are arguable. Fortunately, some features are only hidden and some require a different approach - this article lists all the tricks and features I\'ve discovered so far (the article will be updated from time to time).

The most important tip ever for fighting spam
It may sound too easy but - do not buy anything advertised through spam email! You would be surprised that the only reason spam exists is that some people actually buy stuff from them.

How to simply ignore spam that asks delivery receipt or read receipt
Lately new kind of spam is present that abuses Outlook Express/Windows Mail built in sending of read receipt. If you do send a receipt back - guess what - you will get even more spam. Here is how to get rid of that.

ATM Pin number reverse
If you should ever be forced by a robber to withdraw money from an ATM machine, you can notify the police by entering your Pin # in reverse. Untrue, unfortunately.



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